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Sunday School
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Sunday Morning Worship
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Sunday school is a systematic approach to bible study which takes the student through the Bible , teaching principles of biblical living along the way. Most of our students have learned through Sunday school that studying the Bible is fun !
At Bible Fellowship Baptist Church, we care about your well being and are willing to give you the personalized attention and prayer for your unique needs. We are available to take your prayer request via e-mailĀ  24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our prayer ministry workers are, courteous, concerned, and compassionate.
So fill out the form to the right and drop us a line. Let us know what we should be praying for.
We look forward to hearing your testimony of Answered Prayer.
Although everyone should have their own private time of worship, Sunday Morning Worship is a time of Corporate Worship where all of our members, friends, and family come together in a unified service of singing, prayers, and Bible instruction From the Pastor. It's an inspiring time together that really sets the tone for a great week.
Think of Prayer and praise as sort of a christian pit stop during the week. Prayer and praise is less formal you can pop in on your lunch break and lift up the name of JESUS!
During Bible study is where believers really get a chance to grow in their knowledge of God's word. During this valuable time of preparation you get to ask the Pastor Questions that you may not have the answers to. It's really informative.
Bible Study